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Kendo grid disable column resize

All columns can be resized by dragging the top right portion of the column. The snippet below allows all columns except Address to be resized by explicitly setting each column. Call api.

The columns will scale growing or shrinking to fit the available width. This is helpful if, for example, you want the first column to remain fixed with, but all other columns to fill the width of the table.

Just like Excel, each column can be 'auto resized' by double clicking the right side of the header rather than dragging it. When you do this, the grid will work out the best width to fit the contents of the cells in the column. It cannot see the columns that are not rendered due to column virtualisation. Thus it is not possible to autosize a column that is not visible on the screen.

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Column Virtualisation is the technique the grid uses to render large amounts of columns with degrading performance by only rendering columns that are visible due to the horizontal scroll positions. Eg the grid can have columns with only 10 rendered if the horizontal scroll is only showing 10 columns. So choice is yours - what do you want - column virtualisation working OR auto-size working on off screen columns. In the example below, Also of note is the second column, which has both a min and max size set, which is also respected with sizeColumnsToFit.

The remaining columns will spread to fill the remaining space after you press the button. It is possible to have the grid auto size the columns to fill the width by default. Do this by calling api. Note that api. If the grid is not attached to the DOM, then this will be unknown. In the example below, the grid is not attached to the DOM when it is created and hence api.

The grid checks again after ms, and tries to resize again. This is needed for some frameworks eg Angular as DOM objects are used before getting attached. It's often required that one or more columns fill the entire available space in the grid.In this article, you will learn how to persist the state of the Kendo Grid, using local storage.

This article tells about how to maintain the complete state of Kendo Grid, using local storage. My database schema is shown in the figure, given below. From the view, stated above, you can notice I have added a databound event in Kendo Grid and its respective function definition, which is written in JavaScript, the databound event is fired when Kendo Grid is bound to the data from its data source.

When the page loads, we are going to check whether there is any local storage or not.

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Please click here to read more about local storage. When the databound event in Kendo Grid is fired, we are going to get the state of the Grid, using the getoption method and save it as a local storage, which is used to maintain the state of the Grid.

Retrieves the options, which are currently enabled or disabled on the Grid. It also gives the current state of the dataSource.

Now, let us test whether the state of Kendo Grid is maintained or not? View All. Gowtham K Updated date, Oct 06 Introduction This article tells about how to maintain the complete state of Kendo Grid, using local storage. Prerequisites Basic knowledge in ASP. Persist State in Kendo Grid.

Kendo Grid in Browser. From the image, shown above, it is clear that the local storage is created and the complete state of Kendo Grid is saved in it, when the page loads.

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Sorting State. After page load. You must have noticed the sorting state in Kendo Grid is maintained after the page loads. Filtering State. It is clear from the image, shown above, the filter option as well as previous state sort option is maintained after the page loads.

Source Code. Thus, the state of Kendo Grid can be maintained completely with the help of the getOption and setOption functions, which is proved from the scenario, shown above, which we worked on. I hope, you enjoyed this article. Your valuable feedback, questions or comments about this article are always welcome. Next Recommended Article. Getting Started With. NET 5.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I have a Kendo grid in which I have a checkbox in the last column and I am binding this grid from the server side filling the data from the server and in that the checkbox value is also coming from the server. I want to disable the entire row in which the checkbox value is true i. My code as follows:.

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Instead of using jQuery for finding the value of the input, I would suggest you to use model a field of the event handler argument e. Learn more. Disable the row in the kendo grid based on condition Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Active 5 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 7k times. My code as follows: Html. Grid Model. Name "UpdatedHeadGrid".

kendo grid disable column resize

Hidden true. Width 10 ; columns. Title "Allocatable". Width Title "Total". Mode GridEditMode. DataBound "onRowBound" ; e. PageSize Columns true For this i have written the edit function i. So what would be solution for this? SantyEssac SantyEssac 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 38 38 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. OnaBai OnaBai It will disable all the field of the row but If suppose I want to disable only one field then what to do? Check jsfiddle. So how to do that because this refer to the previous one not the current one.Kendo UI is not cheap and there can be a slight learning curve, but it is a spectacular piece of software.

If you work in ASP. With that said, there are some quirks. Undocumented features some might call them. Here is one of those features. It is tremendously useful in a variety of applications. Then you can handle the actual create, read, update, delete actions in your controller. This works magnificently. The issue I had was that I wanted to restrict the user from updating a specific column in the grid when in Edit Mode.

In this example, inline editing is a cinch to setup. Simply, make the grid editable and then setup the actions the grid should call on your controller for each of the CRUD operations.

Making the grid editable only occurs at the grid level. Although, as with most everything in programming, there is a way. To make this work we are going to hook into the event architecture that the Kendo Grid provides.

You can check out the documentation for all of the events here:. Specifically we are going to use the Edit event. The Kendo grid makes it super easy to fire off custom JavaScript based on these events.

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In this line we tell the Grid to call the [function name] JavaScript function whenever the grid enters the edit mode. Now we just need to write a little JavaScript to make the first column read-only.

We have told the Grid to call the edit javascript function. In this code we are checking to see if the Grid is creating a new record or if we are editing an existing record. Get Clarity with in your projects! I respect your privacy. I will not sell your email address and will only use it to send you emails when we have something really great to share! Say, you have a grid setup like this:. Title "Column 1" ; columns.It is compatible with both mouse and touch devices and has some nice features such as layout persistence after page refresh or postback.

This plugin comes in handy when dealing with large tables improving usability. It is tiny in size colResizable 1. To use this plugin a script reference must be added to the colResizable. To enhance a table or collection of tables point it with a jQuery wrapper and apply the colResizable method.

Angular Video 3: Theming with Style: How to Customize Your Kendo UI Angular App

Resizing grips will be located in the table according to its first row layout. For this reason, it is not recommended using colspan values in those cells. If colspan in the first row is required, just add an extra row before your table heading with no height so it won't be visible. In order to prevent strange behaviors while resizing a column, you are highly encouraged to define the width of the table, either by using its width attribute, an inline style, or a css rule.

Those are the possible values: 'fit': this is default resizing model, in which resizing a column does not alter table width, which means that when a column is expanded the next one shrinks. If there is not enough space, columns will share its width as they are resized.

Table will never get bigger than its parent. It is required to disable a previously colResized table prior its removal from the document object tree using JavaScript, and also before any DOM manipulations to an already colResized table such as adding columns, rows, etc. This feature is mainly oriented to those pages created with server-side logic codebehindsuch as PHP or.

NET, and it is only compatible with browsers with sessionStorage support all modern browsers. However, if you are targeting older browsers such as IE7 and IE8 you can still emulate sessionStorage using sessionStorage.

Don't worry about compatibility issues, once your site is up on the internet, all browsers will act in exactly the same way. Table's ID should be same before and after the partial partial refresh. If it is set to true, column handler's size will be bounded to the first row's vertical size. It can be used for visual feedback purposes. Its purpose is to remove all previously stored data related to the current table layout to get it back to its original layout preventing width restoration after postback.

In fixed mode resizing a column does not alter total table width, which means that when a column is expanded the next one shrinks. If fixed is set to false then table can change its width and each column can shrink or expand independently.

Note: There is a known issue where the CSS property table-layout: fixed; causes a minor conflict with resizing table widths.

It is important to note that the fixed setting is different from the CSS property and it is encouraged not to apply that style to your tables. If a callback function is supplied it will be fired when the user has ended dragging a column anchor altering the previous table layout. The callback function can obtain a reference to the updated table through the currentTarget attribute of the event retrieved by parameters.I have getting warning message when open down loaded excel file.

This warning is coming if we apply conditional formatting in kendo spreadsheet. Currently the columns width is "static" when it is defined in the column configuration. It'll be great if the columns are resized automatically depending on the length of content in the columns. Create an account Log In. Recently Updated. New Items. Most Popular. Request a Feature Report a Bug.

Under Review. Add digital signature support for PDFViewer.

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Created by: mike. Comments: 2. Category: PDFViewer. Type: Feature Request. The signature section is blanked out. Would you have any fix or workaround for the problem? Kendo UI Treeview does not appear to work in my environment. Created by: Brian.

Comments: 3. Category: TreeView. Type: Bug Report. I have incorporated the Kendo UI Treeview in my application by following closely the demo code, but Treeview does not work.

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The tree is shown on the web page, but the branches do not open and close when clicked on. Presently in Spreadsheet tooltip is not working for filter applied range so tooltip should display for each cell in which the range of filt. Created by: Vinay Kiran S. Comments: 1.

Category: Spreadsheet.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Is it possible to do this with the Angular version?

kendo grid disable column resize

Any possible release date for this feature? Column resizing is on our short-term plans, but work has not commenced yet. We hope to have it ready for the September release. Thanks for you reply. AS we are in mid of September alreadywhen you planned to release Resizing feature for Angular Grid. Please let us know. The column resizing got delayed a bit, sorry! We need few weeks to complete it and will publish an incremental update.

Just set resizable to true:. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels Enhancement pkg:grid. Milestone R3 Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Resize is an important feature for grid.

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kendo grid disable column resize

Enhancement pkg:grid. Linked pull requests.

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